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Different Kind Of Teleconferencing

Different kind of teleconferencing

Different kind of teleconferencing

Gone are the days of conventional calling methods? Corporate have moved on to faster modes of communications. Teleconferencing comes as a boon in these times where the time is less and productivity quotient ranks high on demand. Cost effective and quicker communication methods have been gaining traction due to its affordable and flexible nature. Let’s look at the top teleconferencing methods that are currently in use.

Audio teleconferencing:-

Conference calling is the most common method when it comes to holding meetings. Implemented by the ease of telephone dialling, there are conference numbers which are provided to the company so that multiple diallers can log in to a single line. Accompanied with a host and conference pin, there are hardly any chances of dialling into an incorrect meeting. Safe and faster processes make it a very popular option.

Audiographic Teleconferencing:-

This method generally makes use of a data and audio service and is also known as a whiteboard meeting. Used during long distant presentations and learning programmes, this method is preferred by corporate and online lesson firms. With graphics, designs and many user friendly features, Audiographic Teleconferencing has hit the ground running.

Video Conferencing:-

This kind of communication method has come in handy when it comes to delivering the work faster and saving travel costs. A video calling feature can be drawn as a platform for communication when there are multiple teams seated across the continent and need to have a unanimous decision to make or a meeting to arrive at a conclusion.

Web Conferencing:-

With multiple media options at its disposal, web conferencing is a simple communication method. System friendly applications which require a demonstration to multiple participants, web conferencing is considered ideal as a solution.

These are some types of Teleconferencing that can make your communication easy.


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